Hunt year around in a natural setting with wild sagebrush, native grasses, and uncut alfalfa for cover. No Hunting License Required!

WDFW License No. 114171

All skill and fitness levels can be accommodated. You choose between easy going flat ground or the typical “chukar hillside” to test your legs!

Plenty of room to exercise and train your hunting dog.

Pheasants, Chukars, Hungarian Partridge “Huns”, and Quail. A great place to hunt!

We have Mature Pheasants, Yearling Pheasants, Hen Pheasants and Chukars. Please call for pricing and availability.

Vizslas available to hunt, please call. And ask about birds for dog training if you desire. We are looking to provide options that will fit for you!

Dry Coulee Game Farm, LLC 

WFDW License # 114171
91 Okanogan Cemetary Rd  Okanogan, WA  98840
Phone: (509) 429-2217