Our Girls

 Lockwood’s Copper Penny (Penny)

Penny came us in-utero from Hungary with her sister Megan. So Penny’s dad is still in Hungary; how cool is that?! Penny is a sweet momma and is a great hunter.

Retired from breeding, but still here to hunt with you or to train your new hunting dog.

Height 21″  Weight 40#

Szentkio Hanga (Hannah)

Imported from Hungary by Brad and Cathy, Hannah is sweet, gentle and always wants to have something in her mouth.
Height 23.5″  Weight 62#

Lockwoods Hungarian Paprika (Rika)

Rika is a fun loving Vizsla and loves to play with toys and
Height 22″ Weight 42#


Imported from Hungary with her sister Mak, Mocha is calm, loving and want to be right with you; no matter what you are doing. Imported from Hungary in 2016.
Height 21.75″ Weight 40#

Lockwood’s Macarina (Mak)

Imported from Hungary with her sister Mocha, Mak is spunky and sweet, full of energy and loves to play. When we let her, she is partial to sleeping in the bed instead of her kennel. Imported from Hungary in 2016.
Height 22″ Weight 42#

Eylars Birdy Dog (Birdy)

Birdy is a great Bird dog and loves to play. She is so sweet with the kids and loves to get extra snuggles and treats.

Lockwoods Betty White

Betty is a sweet compact girl, loves to be right with you and sniffing for birds.

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