Your choice of hunting clothes should consider the time of year you wish to hunt.  Click to get a current Weather Forecast  to select your gear!  Use Zip Code 98840.


Upland game gear:

□       Light jacket in summer;
         Warm jacket with a vest or fleece spring or fall;
         Layers for cold in winter.

□       Cap, sun glasses, sun protector.

□       Lightweight boots, insulated in winter.

□       Camera and film or camcorder.

□       Cooler large enough to take your game home.

□       Your favorite shotgun and at least a couple of boxes of shells.



□       Local hotels available -or- camp on site and listen to the coyotes howl!

□       Good restaurants close by, and grocery stores if you need.


Game Handling:

□       All birds will be sent with a Dry Coulee Game Farm WFDW receipt.

Dry Coulee Game Farm, LLC 

WFDW License # 114171
91 Okanogan Cemetary Rd  Okanogan, WA  98840
Phone: (509) 429-2217